Fine Relations

Corporate Diplomacy worldwide


Fine Relations develops workshops and seminars for companies and organizations. Practical courses are offered, which show how employees can apply the fundamentals of Corporate Diplomacy in their function.

The goal of the course is to teach the participants the basis for strategy development in the field of corporate diplomacy and to show them techniques for successfully representing company goals abroad.

We illustrate how corporate interests are implemented through the creation of alliances with external stakeholders. Fundamentals of diplomacy are discussed and mediated.

An important element is the definition of external stakeholders. Not all external key figures are suitable to promote business interests. We show you what to look for.

How to build strategic alliances with external stakeholders? How do you ensure that these partnerships are aligned in the long term? The resultant method competency gives the participant the basis for a specialized knowledge, which will enable him to act internationally successfully.

Different countries means different customs. How to behave where? In this part, we will show you the regions in which rules prevail and how to avoid difficult situations.

We charge CHF 250 / h, excluding VAT. (Preparation, execution, post-processing) and additional expenses

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