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Diplomacy as the key element

Our service reflects our core values

In Fine Relations, our customers find a reliable, discreet partner who recognizes the true masterminds, involves them in the successful implementation of corporate goals, and provides direct access to the highest decision-makers in politics and business worldwide.

Our clients leverage our expertise to deliver in crisis situations, build a strategic network of relationships, partner with key political and business figures, enhance relationships with governments, regulators and stakeholders, and sustainably strengthen their international market position.

In general, Corporate Diplomacy is defined as the ability to promote business interests through the creation of alliances with external key figures, including governments, analysts, media, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), thereby efficiently and successfully implementing corporate goals.

"...Corporate Diplomacy means winning the influence. It provides a framework for influencing key players in the support of business strategy and influencing key opinion-makers ... "(Harvard Business Review).

Corporate Diplomacy, is gaining in importance. A strong network of relationships is a good beginning, but only through the creation of strategic partnerships does it lead to sustainable success. Cooperations strengthen the position of the individual. And Corporate Diplomacy is the key.

Discrete Crisis Control

Again and again you can get into unforeseen, complex situations that require cautious action. In these delicate circumstances, a focused and, above all, discreet approach is crucial in order to bring about a relaxation of the situation.

Fine Relations works with its clients to develop the best possible course of action, advises management in communication and holds discreet discussions with the key figures on the ground.

Fine Relations supports and accompanies its customers until the situation has eased.

Alliances with external stakeholders

Difficulties in dealing with government agencies, organizations, media, analysts and communities are business risks and should be treated as such wherever possible. The success of strategically challenging projects requires diplomatic skill. It is particularly important for international activities to combine the different cultural, political and economic characteristics.

Fine Relations, an expert in corporate diplomacy, advises and assists its clients in the realization of strategically important projects, taking into account the various interests and integrating them into finding solutions.

Fine Relations creates customized strategies to strengthen and expand their clients' market position and sphere of influence.

Inquiries and information transfer

Fine Relations smoothly and discreetly paves the way for all official communication channels.

  • Positions interests of national and regional governments and authorities
  • Plans and implements bilateral cooperations
  • Clarifies preconditions
  • Prepares negotiations
  • Organizes meetings at ministerial and presidential level, but also with other decision-makers in authorities
  • Supports the preparation official appointments

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